E3 Day One [Nintendo]


This afternoon Nintendo sent their digital presentation in. Yes, digital. The staff of Nintendo did not present personally at the conference this year, but they did have a lot in store for those who are big fans of the Nintendo franchise. Within an hour Nintendo presented us with games for this year, and next year, that fans of the Nintendo franchise may have something to look forward to and get excited about. The anticipation of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, Bayonetta 2, and a new Yoshi World are just a few to name that got my Nintendo gland shooting out euphoric memories of insomnia. The developers for Nintendo must have been reading their fan newsletters because the amount of talent coming out this year and next year is astounding. After all they are Nintendo… and they know what they are doing. From Wii U to the 3DS, Nintendo is stepping up their game and bringing gamers what thy have been needing, pure bliss.

I think it is important to let the public know that Nintendo announced a new version of Super Mario Bros. As of right now Mario Maker only be released for the 3DS, but nonetheless it is a really neat concept. In the game you are available to pick and choose which elements you want to include within the maps. Add enemies, put in more springs, hell even more mushrooms. Or, all enemies, no mushrooms and have your buddies try out a Mario death pit! Even if you didn’t like a certain spot in an original Mario level, you are able to go in and edit it, play around and have fun. The developers at Nintendo have added an element to Mario that wasn’t there for the player, but wasn’t something that changed his look, or the feel for the game. I think this will be a fun purchase, and one to look forward to in the future.

mario makerIf Mario isn’t something you are looking to purchase or play (I wouldn’t know why you wouldn’t..) then maybe Yoshi can help you out. Personally you won’t find a Yoshi World game on my shelf, or even hear me talk about Yoshi unless I am yelling at the one I fell off of in Super Mario Brothers Wii. Regardless, Yoshi World is coming back and looking very (insert pun here).

yoshi yarn



Yoshi Woolly World is a new installment of a friendly face of the Mario franchise. New levels, worlds, and even coop are apart of this comfy adventure. It looks stunning for a Wii U game, and also a lot of fun. The past couple Yoshi games were not my cup of tea, and honestly I never wanted to play them but I did. Yoshi Woolly World does not look like a chore, nor a pain in the ass to play. It actually look like it could play off very nicely, minus all the fun features of Mario, but it isn’t a Mario game, its Yoshi’s a Yoshi game. It has a very ‘crafty’ look to it, so its time to swallow some yarn, and manipulate it to defeat the enemy! Posts should follow later on this one, when the time is right.

One game in particular that really made me want to highlight it in this post. It is a mash up of two games that I have come to love and respect, and have followed for some time now. The Zelda franchise and the Dynasty Warrior franchise has teamed up to create Hyrule Warriors (though rumors are the name may not stick). This game got me out of my seat and made me contemplate a Wii U after my purchase of a Ps4. In Hyrule Warriors you are the iconic Link running through fields of soldiers, of whom are attacking your team members.


In a nutshell, this game is going to be fantastic. Picture the collaboration  of characters of Zelda, and the fight-style of Dynasty Warriors. EPIC. That is the only word to describe. There is a suggested cast of some characters whom pop up in the series, most notably Princess Zelda herself, that you can choose and unlock. But honestly this game has me itching to buy a Wii U. I knew Nintendo was going to come out with some great games, and they have, but Hyrule Warriors is definitely my highlight. I cannot wait to get ahold of it! I suggest you  save some cash for this one, because the Wii U is in desperate need of this game, it could be their beacon of light.

Before I do finalize what game will make Nintendo a smash hit again, I must interrupt the post and introduce what we feel here will be THE game to revive the Wii U. It is early to say, and also very daring, but a highly anticipated game that we here a FBG[R] that will make the Wii U a must purchase will be released in 2015. Squid Splatoon

Yes, Splatoon. Childish, hilarious, fun, and outrageous. Characteristics that Nintendo has thrived off of and has really flourished. Think. Mario is a plumber running through tubes and chasing a giant turtle. Splatoon is a battle of four player squads shooting ink every where that then allows you to turn into a squid.


The mechanics look spectacular and the gameplay is seemingly easy, but what really highlights this game is teamwork and madness. It truly is the ultimate water-gun fight crossed with squid s and squid ink. The maps are small, and you can travel fast through them by shooting your ink throughout, but the ink is a highly effective tool for both offense and defense. If you do have a Wii U a pre-order is in order. If not, then save up. 2014 was a big announcement year for Nintendo, and Day one was definitely their day. Even though Nintendo had a giant release conference, these games were the ones I felt had the impact worthy of noting. The games in production for the Wii U have shown promise and maturity. Yes this is a family based system, and a very kid friendly one at that. But what about the adults? The parents who bought the system for their kids? Don’t they deserve a ‘top-shelf’ ‘off-limits’ section in their library of games? Yes, yes they do. With these games coming up even the owners of the house will have their chance to get in on the fun.




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