Formula Force Racing

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This post is long overdue.  

Formula Force Racing is a development brought to us by The Pixel Bullies for any smart phone device (I play it on my iPhone4 and it runs great). As you may know by now; yes, it is a racing game! It is actually one of the better racing games that I have picked up and have been able to play on my smart phone. Instantly, I want to thank them for allowing me to pick up a racing game and not have to deal with the added stress of moving my arms around in public, or having to tap the screen a hundred times to get up into second gear. In fact, all you have to do is let the car run on the track, and simply hold down which ever direction you would like to turn.  So if you are all about picking your lines on the track, forcing opponents out of your way, and never hitting the brake, you are in for a treat.

photo 2

When the app boots up, you get a great image of cars racing on a track (above), which then loads you to the main screen (just below the paragraph). I like the graphics in the main menu, because it reminds me of some of the late ’80’s and early 90’s arcade games I play a lot when I break out my Nintendo products or load the SEGA arcade disc into my Playstation. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the folks at The Pixel Bullies studio, a) because they are located in the U.K. and b) I don’t have the influence nor monetary means to travel across the pond to check them out, but I get a gamer vibe that I rarely get from companies I have tried to reach out to that make me want to stick with their product.

photo 3

Historically (as their blog read, and you can find them here on WordPress linked up with my blog site, or click here) they have aided predominantly in the development of games. Formula Force Racing is their self-published game (fact check me on that, but I believe it to be so) so they have been around for over 20 years, but as far as producing under their own name, I believe this to be their very first own self-produced game. Yes it is an app, and yes this is a predominant console reporting website, but the game itself is worth a take. Whether you are into graphic design, one of their 10 tracks that you can race on should suffice for now to keep you entertained, or if you love racing, then you are given three options to take one of the 12 car models, accentuate them how you please, and then get to the starting line. photo 5

The point of the game? Go fast, win challenges and unlock everything. It is simple, well executed, and the replay is so good it is almost annoying.                                                               photo 4!

If you have a smart phone, pick this game up. It is .99 cents in the app store (with options of in-app purchases), and could be priced even higher in my opinion, so these folks are doing the gamer a favor. I love when that happens! Pick it up, and let me know what you think! I love it, I have fun with it, and I think anyone who loves fast cars, crashes and good graphics would have a really fun time checking this out. At the end of the day, it is a .99 cent risk I am asking you to take, and I feel it is a good one!

– FBG[R]


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