Ps4 Multimplayer Online Free this Weekend!

For those who have a Playstation4 but strictly play the single player versions are welcome to open up their point of view and step into the multi-player realm for free. That’s right, if you are apart of the no-pay-to play group, and don’t own a ps plus membership; have no fear for the rewards have come here!

Sony has announced on their blog that this weekend(Psblog): March 20th-22nd, ps plus will be free. I am not sure whether or not it is for all of the gaming universe (yet I would assume) but only a handful of games are posted up in visual form, but it could be that those are the promoted games up until now. Those games as of right now are included but not limited to: Battlefield: Hardline, GTAV, Destiny, FIFA15, and NBA2K15.

So pencil these dates in and cancel all social activity. SO let us all thank Battlefield: Hardline for its promotion technique, and allowing the psn to literally open its doors to everyone (not even for a price this weekend!). It’s like Obamacare, but so much more rewarding!

Hope the weekend goes smoothly! See you in the portal!



A zombie isn’t alive, its undead!

The idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse is… exciting! The question begs; what is your ideal zombie game? A smasher? A minimalist survival scenario? Would there be a specific approach you would take? Or would you just go in the zone and free-wheel it? There are as many ways to kill a zombie as there is to skin a cat. Luckily every way is just as fulfilling as the next and Dying Light is one for the taking. As of right now, (no real significant changes to the game itself) Dying Light is a top-shelf game for the next-gen that needs to be explored. Personally I am NOT a zombie fan (of which I can rant about on a later date) however the aspect of Dying Light has turned me on to the idea of slaughtering mindless creatures. But you’re not out of the woods yet, because the plot thickens rather quickly in Harran.

Once that game is unwrapped, the disc is popped in, and the software downloads and installs to your device (I am speaking from a PS4 point of view) it’s time for self-preservation. When the game starts you are being flown over an exotic city named Harran that is labeled as a quarantined zone. As the main protagonist, Kyle Crane descends you learn is motive of going in is strictly military based. Get the antidote information and get out. Does it work that way? We wouldn’t have a game on our hands if it worked that way, nor would it be worth a look! To introduce the newly parkour expert; Techland runs you through a series of warm ups to get you ready for the free running madness that takes place outside of “the Tower” (which is where you start off after you land with Crane).

The story itself is quite enjoyable. It isn’t a typical end of the world zombie apocalypse style that have been pushed out in prior years. As Crane you have some time sensitive events to accomplish, day time versus night time missions, as well as hundreds if not thousands of nooks and crannies to cypher through and discover to ‘patch-work’ your way through the city of Harran. Mindless zombies will be hanging out on the streets, in houses, on bridges eagerly awaiting your arrival to your checkpoint. Some infected runners, and the night stalkers at night, will be keeping your gear in check while you take Crane on his turbulent journey; oh and don’t forget about the giant mammoths that roll around (you can hear them by listening for deep grunts and loud smashes).

All in all, after all has been played out (minus the glitched trophies that I have been attempting at) Dying Light puts itself on my shelf as one of the best games in the zombie genre I have played. Is it a blend of games we have seen in the past? Yes. Does it make it any less significant? No. The story brings you into an area not yet explored. The zombies that they throw at you are a great combination of styles from “The Walking Dead”, “28 Days Later”, and a lot of “The Evil Dead”. The easter eggs in the game aren’t all that they are choked up to be, and honestly I don’t ever go looking for them unless I have beaten a game 100%, which still remains to be up in the air at this very moment.

The game grade I would give Dying Light is easily a 9, and stretching it possibly a 9.5. The replay of it is high, and the graphics themselves are stunning. Add the story, the messed up protagonist, and the senseless zombie violence and you have yourself a game worth adding to your collection!