Ps4 Multimplayer Online Free this Weekend!

For those who have a Playstation4 but strictly play the single player versions are welcome to open up their point of view and step into the multi-player realm for free. That’s right, if you are apart of the no-pay-to play group, and don’t own a ps plus membership; have no fear for the rewards have come here!

Sony has announced on their blog that this weekend(Psblog): March 20th-22nd, ps plus will be free. I am not sure whether or not it is for all of the gaming universe (yet I would assume) but only a handful of games are posted up in visual form, but it could be that those are the promoted games up until now. Those games as of right now are included but not limited to: Battlefield: Hardline, GTAV, Destiny, FIFA15, and NBA2K15.

So pencil these dates in and cancel all social activity. SO let us all thank Battlefield: Hardline for its promotion technique, and allowing the psn to literally open its doors to everyone (not even for a price this weekend!). It’s like Obamacare, but so much more rewarding!

Hope the weekend goes smoothly! See you in the portal!



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