Fallout 4 on the way?

  With much speculation, and only 15 minutes until announcement, Bethesda has reportedly prepped a ‘launch’ video trailer for their new little ditty called Fallout 4. The excitement is slowly seeping out of my pores, yet I have too many games to fully get through before I let the ego grab hold and whip out the ol’ money bag at my local video game store (I refrain from using store names because; a) I don’t have popularity so there is no need for financial kicks and, b) my preference is my preference).   This update is late, but I know someone out there has not heard of this announcment (highly unlikely, yet possible) and bears no real information other than what I have seen and heard, not what has been reported to me.

  Indulge me for a moment: I have a lot of respect for the idea of Fallout and the series. I hold a lot of scenarios dear to my heart. Choosing an alliance in the past games have always troubled me which indicates to me that I do in fact have an emotional tie to the characters and the universe in which it is set. But the longevity of the games has always gotten the better of me. So here, with this new installment on the “next gen” I am going to recycle the personal quarrels that I had with the past titles, get over myself, and allow Fallout 4 to consume the little social life that I still hold dear to me.

  So at 10 am.m est, please if you’re curious, check out the Bethesda website : here : and enjoy the announcement one way or the other.



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