Mission Statement


Welcome to Finger Blister Gaming [Reviews]! I appreciate you taking a look and seeing what this site has to offer. Here at FBG[R] our goal is to aid you, the reader, on your mission of gaming in the most informational and entertaining way as possible. Wether it be sports, RPG, or FPS (first person shooter) speaking generally of course, we will be there to give reviews on games you may not have played or maybe not have even heard of.  For the most part, our goal is to give you the knowledge you need that exists within the the realm of gaming.


This is a short little note for the reader. I want it to be a nice introduction that clarifies what this site is, and what we stand for as a gaming site. We are a little behind in the ‘news’ aspect of life but we are networking and are seeking for contacts to eventually gain this access in a timely manner But for now we focus on gameplay of games made for ps3, and write reviews on new games coming out when information and videos are available. We are still young, but very eager to get information and coverage. So please enjoy! This is for gamers, and the gaming community, I hope this site is beneficial.




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