Pick a side?


As a gamer, or someone who plays a good amount of games, my weapon of choice has always been the Sony Playstation. Sony has been a stable member of our family since we left Nintendo 15 or so years ago, and life has been great.

After Mario, it was a world of Crash, Leon, the wonderful glitch world of EA Sports, and hours upon hours of Final Fantasy. Of course there are a countless number of other characters that may not have made this list, but there are plenty of lists to come!  Once life entered the realm of the Playstation3 (which is arguably the best system created) the adventure for gaming hit an incredible pace with all the benefits being reaped by the gamer.

Yes I want to dive right in, into the goodness of the Playstation4, but I have to give a nod to the great people of Nintendo of inspiring me to finish my homework early, get to the t.v. first, and wake up early in the morning to the beautiful sunshine of my living room! I was an active kid, don’t get me wrong; but it is you who understands the joy of Mario64, or Starfox, and even the legendary Goldeneye. Reasons to get your homework done early, and reasons to grab the golden gun and shoot your friends in the #*%@ because you’re Odd Job and no one can actually see you in there multiplayer.

Is that... Odd Job?

Is that… Odd Job?

But that is nostalgia, and it is 2014- almost 2015, and we have hit a pinnacle in the gaming world. Yes there is virtual reality (of which I will not partake in) heading our way, and the graphics can get even more refined if the developers work at it and tweak it (this isn’t a knock on you developers, I just understand that theres always a progress even if its a sleight change) so that the next game coming out looks even more refined. The game changes, and the game change brought us what is now known as the “next gen”. Well let me tell you, it surely is the real deal. I favor the Playstation4 for what it is and what I believe it to be worth. Yes, there is a bias going on, but playing the Sony for so many years and then seeing what the 4 has become, just makes me stick true to Playstation. But regardless of which system you like more, let the bias go and notice how beautiful the games are, and even how sleek and kinda sexy the systems look (sorry PC players, I will throw you a shout on the page to the right ->).

So thank you, to both Microsoft and Sony, for bringing us these products. The appreciation is here, and we welcome it wholly (just drop the price a bit eh?).

To the Reader:

                        Please note a bias towards the Sony company. That is due to the lack of funds to be able to own al the systems I deem necessary to this business. Our goal here is to try to bring you reviews for everything possible, however Playstation will dominate for the most part. This is just a warning about the material within this domain. Please chime in and keep US informed as well. The more talk, the more fun! So keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we will help you through some high times in your gaming, as well as help you through the hard times.



– FBG[R]


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